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Three Ethiopians from Tigray region reportedly arrested in Eritrea

Three Ethiopians from Tigray region are reportedly arrested in Eritrea on Thursday. According to Eritrean News source, Eritrean Press, they were arrested in Gash Barka region of Eritrea after they allegedly entered the country through Omhajer-Humera.

The report added that they were caught with US$ 4400.00 which it said was “for a purpose of deception.”

Seemingly, the Eritrean public was involved in their arrest. News shared by Eritrean Press on social media said “…the public informed police when the Tegaru men tried to engage in fraudulent activity to swindle the locals.”

The suspects have admitted wrongdoing and they are awaiting court ruling, according to a report shard on Eritrean Press page. Read more...

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