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Ethiopian Somali Youth league Forum (ESYOL) Strategy


The Ethiopian Somali Youth League Forum (ESYOL) is the platform for positive vibes Somali youths of Ethiopian origin. ESYOL media is a portal for representing ostensible the structural and/or functional relationships between relevant data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in assertive but positive vibes manner to Ethio-Somali Youth League. ESYOL media in its centrepiece principle underlines the fact that good things comes to the society when there are youth with positive vibes while exact opposite of it perishes the society entirely! In that when youth of any society uses their healthy minds and healthy dynamism character as the driving force for development they will be the reason society to smiles wide to wane all worries.

Forum is to represent entire youth population and allied with existing youth forums both at Federal and at the Regional levels. ESYOL believes that positively organized youth will be the pertinent tool through which we empower, encourage, involve, represent, reach out and support young people irrespective of their clan or creed. The ESYOL Forum brings together tens of thousands of Ethio-Somali Youth group with positive minds from all over the country and in diaspora and organise them in order to represent their common interests in a positive manner without necessarily violating the country’s constitution and global conventions as appertains to its functions. The ESYOL Youth Forum will provide appropriate information and knowledge that can help to empower Ethio-Somali Youth people to participate confidently and actively in the societal development so as to improve their own lives by representing and advocating their needs and interest.

ESYOL Media Vision

The vision of the ESYOL Youth Media Forum is a de facto media portal promoting constructive common voice for all Ethio-Somali young people in the interest of availing to them equal authentic, pacific and objective developmental updates as it appears.

ESYOL Media Mission

In the current uncertainty both in political and social context of our country have seriously affects young people in everywhere in the country. In some cases they were used as the destabilising force of vice evils of whatsoever degree using media platform. Whilst we certainly believe that the very young people can be as well be powerful catalysts for positive change and contributors of innovative solutions to the country’s [Ethiopia] developmental and political problems. In order to overcome such media based challenges ESYOL Media Forum is willing to provide alternative and authentic information portal so as to promote the following three interrelated goals;

  • To create superior youth to participate country developmental vision

  • To establish resilient youth organisations that are peace conscious

  • Amplified youth self-sufficiency and inclusion

With these goals in mind, the ESYOL Youth Media Forum will continue its advocacy work to become an agenda-setter on Ethio-Somali youth affairs, empower lower tiers member forums so as to maximise the impact of their expertise and enforce equity based approach in all that it does.

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