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Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Fact-checking misleading images

By Peter Mwai

BBC Reality Check

Hundreds of people are reported to have been killed in two weeks of clashes between the Ethiopian military and forces loyal to the political leadership in the northern Tigray region.

Fake footage of the downing of an Ethiopian jet

A video appearing to show an Ethiopian military plane being fired on and then crashing has been widely shared with the claim it was carrying out an attack on the Tigray region.

But this footage is not real, and is from a recording of a military video simulation game called Arma.

There are some clues, such as the unnatural look of the blue background, and that some of the smoke coming from the plane just before it eventually crashes dissipates too quickly in some places.

The versions that have been shared have been edited to remove the start and the ending, where there is a disclaimer in Japanese saying the video is fiction.

Some videos that have been shared also contain an image in the top left of a plane on fire, which is a real image but not from Ethiopia.

We have traced that image to a 2016 report about a Jordanian air force F-16 crash as a result of a technical fault. Read more...


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