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Residents in Tigray Capital Mekele Fear Lawlessness.

Following the withdrawal of Ethiopian troops from Ethiopian Tigray region, because the city had ceased to be the center of gravity that is capable of posing a threat to the nation and the federal government, Lieutenant General Bacha Debele said the soldiers' departure from Mekele was intended to "give relief" to the population and the move was intended to facilitate agricultural production and aid distribution.

However: sources say the TPLF, declared a terrorist group by the Ethiopian government, are executing residents of Tigray capital Mekele, accusing them of supporting the government. Sources include that Students in Mekele University with Amhara and Oromo Ethnicity are being abducted by the TPLF forces after move to the capital and there where about is unknown. The city has not been stable since.

Getachew Reda spokes person of TPLF said that there will be no cease fire; which could be obstacle for AID to reach to the people. The TPLF has been known for destroying public infrastructures in the region and steeling AID meant for the people, thus creating food shortage and hunger among the population. Now that the government troops have left the region, residents fear atrocities and lawlessness in Tigray.

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