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Ethnic clashes reported near Ethiopian capital

Sporadic ethnic clashes took place in Oromia regional state, 25 kilometers west of capital Addis Ababa, since early on Sunday, local media reported.

According to FANA, a local broadcaster, police say they are trying to put under control the clash being caused by an organized group who vandalized property belonging to people residing in the town after having come to the area from Southern Ethiopia regional state.

The Addis Ababa city administration also confirmed that lives have been lost, property destroyed and many people have been displaced.

A team led by the Mayor of Addis Ababa city arrived at the area to see the magnitude of the problem and to help rehabilitate victims.

The casualties and magnitude of the property destruction have not yet been determined.

“It is deplorable to have witnessed such attacks and vandalism,” Addis Ababa Mayor Takele Uma is quoted as saying. Read more...

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