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There is a call for combating wildlife trafficking, illegal hunting

ADDIS ABABA- Wildlife trafficking is one of the global challenges. It is thought to be the third most profitable illicit commerce in the world, after drugs and weapons. Illegal hunting and trafficking are serious challenges to the wildlife.

Ethiopian Wild Life Conservation Development Authority, Wildlife and Products Trafficking Prevention Director, Daneil Paulos told The Ethiopian Herald that elephants, lions, tigers and rhinoceros are targets of illegal hunting and trafficking. He also said, the demand for lions' bone for traditional medicine is exacerbating illegal lion hunting. Formerly it was Tiger's bone that had been used for traditional medicinal purpose in Asian countries. However now, with the decrease in number of tiger and strict measure on illegal hunting of tigers , the focus of hunters is diverted to lions. The turn of events is creating pressure on lions. He also said, even cubs are victims of illegal trafficking. To redress the tragic scenario, the Authority is working on awareness creation. According to Daniel, military personnel, legal bodies, federal police and other concerned bodies are part and parcel of this awareness creation program. Read more...

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