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Experts call on Ethiopia to enhance competitiveness in CFTA

ADDIS ABABA- Scholars have urged Ethiopia to give utmost priority to produce quality products with the desirable quantity to get positive outcomes from the recently-ratified Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) Agreement. The government needs to give attention to enhance the quality and quantity of products and strengthen an inclusive market system to get desirable results from CFTA, Diplomacy and International Relation Lecturer at Civlil Service University Endale Nigussie told The Ethiopian Herald. According to the Lecturer, increasing productivity and fostering business linkages are among the tools that help the country to address poverty-related challenges and bolster economic growth. Lecturer of Development Economics at Civlil Service University, Zekarias Mihratab said on his part that the Agreement would have a pivotal importance for Ethiopia to access the untapped African markets. Zekarias noted that the Agreement ensures free movement of businesspeople that pave ways for Ethiopian companies to make business and investment projects in the signatory countries and broaden markets. Commending the decision made to eliminate trade barriers including tariffs and custom fees among member countries, he said that the Agreement is crucial in fostering intra-African trade and opening the door to Ethiopian exporters to access larger markets. Concerning structure, the Lecturer noted that CFTA comprised of various organs such as African Business Council to represent the private sector and the Trade Observatory body would monitor and evaluate compliance.

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