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Security crisis unabated as radical qeerroo unleash terror in Oromo region of Ethiopia

- Ethiopian Church followers persecuted in Bale Robe, South Ethiopia , as radial ethnic oromo youth, qeerroo, now increasingly seen as a terror group by most Ethiopians .At least six killed horrifyingly. Hand grenade thrown at Church.

- Death toll from two days of violence said to be more than 50

- Jawar Mohammed orders calm as Oromo political organizations “mediate” for peace

- Ethiopians launching social media campaign to put pressure government to hold Jawar Mohammed legally responsible for ethnic cleansing in Oromo region of Ethiopia

Killings of civilians in Oromo regional state continued for a second day. The attacks and violence is taking ethnic form in some places and a religious one in other areas of the region.

Credible sources said that in Dodola, West Arsi Zone of the region, Four people are confirmed dead and more than 48 wounded after youth groups known as Qeerroo, who also came from outside of the town as eyewitnesses said,  launched a massive attack against non-ethnic Oromo. One of the victims, Zinabe, was reportedly sick and in bed when these groups forcefully entered his home and clubbed him to death.

A resident of the town who identified himself as Habtamu, and who is currently taking refugee in Kidane Mehret church, told VOA Amharic service correspondent, Meleskachew Amha, on Thursday “as they [Qeerroo] came to torch the church with fire, people barred them and they turned back and torched other houses.”

From what he said a number of residential homes were torched. A hand grenade was also thrown; three were wounded and one died after the incident.

The problem in Dodola started on Wednesday, October 23, the first morning after Jawar Mohammed, radical ethnic Oromo nationalist, wrote a Facebook message claiming that his residence is under siege – a claim that is not independently verified. Federal Police Chief has issued a statement that there was an incident of the entrance to his residence from any armed government body.

Oromo regional state acting president, Shimeles Abdissa, one the other hand appeared on TV, noticeably trembling, and spoke in Oromigna. State media, EBC, has reported on his key messages, and he reportedly said that “what has happened to Jawar war wrong and the government will investigate it and take measures.” 

Jawar’s claim of planned assassination is widely seen among Ethiopians as a plot to trigger a new round of crisis in Ethiopia. Apart from closing roads and attacking civilians, often from other language groups, his followers have burned Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s book, Medemer, which was launched last weekend. read more...


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