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Renewed Clash in Ambo University, Classes suspended

borkena December 23, 2019

A renewed clash  between students at the main campus of Ambo University is reported. It happened this past Saturday. According to DW Amharic service, the University’s president Tadesse Kenea said that  students were fighting each other throwing rocks but it was controlled by the security forces. 

It is also confirmed that classes are suspended following the security incident.

The University president said that “those who want clash between students are coming from other universities and inciting clashes.” 

“Few” Ambo University students have joined hands with those who came from other university on alleged grounds of  “showing solidarity.” 

No causality is reported. The University administration also disclosed that it is working with Abmo City administration  and community members to control the situation.

A new report that emerging on social media on Monday says as many as 400 ethnic Amhara students are in Addis Ababa following the security incident.

Ethnic based violence and clashes has become a main challenge for Ethiopian government. 

In a forum organized by political parties operating in Amhara and Oromo regions of Ethiopia reached agreement last week to work together to end ethnic based violence among students in the University campuses.

The issue of peace in University campus was also a main agenda during a conference organized on Saturday at Millennium Hall in the capital Addis Ababa. In this forum, which was organized by business communities from Amhara and Oromo, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that his government has organized “strong security forces” in university campuses to end what he called clashes orchestrated by forces outside of the University with political motives.

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education passed a decision last month to deploy Federal police members in all University campuses to protect the safety and security of students. Read more...


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