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Protests in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region Call Security into Question

By Marissa Melton, Sora Arero, Dhaba Wayessa -

More than 1,000 supporters gathered around the Addis Ababa home of Jawar Mohammed, media entrepreneur and political activist, after he reported his government-provided security detail was asked by police to leave his home in the middle of the night.

Mohammed posted reports on the developments on the Facebook page of the Oromia Media Network, which he co-founded.

“Why were they trying to remove my security at night?” he asked. “In the past, whenever they made changes to security, the commanders either personally called me or the head of my detail to inform us. What changed?”

Mohammed said he thought the removal of security forces from his house was meant to take advantage of political demonstrations over the past few days in Addis Ababa and elsewhere in Oromia.

“The plan was to remove my security and unleash civilian attackers and claim it was a mob attack,” he said in the Facebook post. Read more...

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