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Ethiopians are slamming their government for not stopping China flights

With the death toll of Coronavirus now having passed 300, and more than 14,000 infections confirmed, WHO has declared the virus a global health emergency.

With countries including Australia, Japan and the US imposing travel restrictions on those who have recently traveled to the country and over 10,000 flights having been canceled since the outbreak, Ethiopia’s decision to keep operating its flights to and from China, is one that is not sitting well with its citizens.

The Ethiopian government’s assertion that they are prepared to tackle coronavirus as they continue to receive around 1,500 passengers a day into the country from China, is seen as risky as other countries with more robust healthcare infrastructure issue travel restrictions.

In a statement Ethiopian Airlines said it would continue to fly out of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Hong Kong and protect its crew and passengers. Read more... by Ciku Kimeria

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