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Ethiopian student in Wuhan shares 'coronavirus lockdown' experience

The search for knowledge motivated her to leave her native Ethiopia and to make the journey to China. She has been there for the past four-and-half years.

With an economics degree plus six-months proficiency in Chinese, it was time to return home to family and friends in Ethiopia, then the rampaging virus rared its head.

Now she is stuck, like hundreds of fellow Ethiopian students and many more other African nationals who were living and studying in Wuhan.

Wuhan is main city of China’s Hubei province where the coronavirus was discovered weeks ago. From social media to evacuation hopes and keeping family calm in the face of the storm.

She is Soliana Aregawi. This is the story of Soliana. After a social media (Twitter) post detailing the plights of living in a lockdown, she granted Africanews an exclusive interview on Wuhan, the lockdown and what it looks, feels and sounds like.

Coping with lockdown in Wuhan

I keep a journal so that keeps me busy, I also read books that I’ve saved up when I find the time, and watch movies. I also update my family and friends on the situation here.

Think of it this way: I do most of the things people do when they have a day off from work, the only difference is I’ve been doing it every day for the past 12 days (as at January 2).​

Desire to be evacuated and conditions

I am open to evacuation if the proper measures are taken such as quarantine for 14 days and getting tested for the virus. The reason why is; I’ve already graduated I have no reason for staying. Add to that, the fact that schools have postponed the opening day for students who will continue their studies.

The longer you stay the more exposed you might be to the virus taken the proper measures from our country I think evacuation is the right approach. Read more... by-Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban

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