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Ethiopian House of Federation Speaker announced her resignation

Members of Ethiopian House of Federation say the speaker called a meeting which she was meant to preside over

Keria Ibrahim, Speaker of the Ethiopian House of the Federation (Upper House), on Monday announced that she has resigned.

In a televised statement aired on Tigray Mass Media Agency (TMMA) TV, she said “I cannot oversee a process as speaker of the Federation, a decision that endangers the constitution.”  

nterpreting the constitution is the business of the House of Federation. Under the guise of the Constitutional Inquiry Commission, she said, the government is trying to impose a decision that will lead to a dictatorial government which she says is “unacceptable to her conscience.”

The House of Federation has opposed her decision saying that her resignation came a day before a regular meeting of the House of the Federation which she called, as reported by Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC).  According to the Ethiopian Constitution, the House of Federation needs to make at least two meetings per year, and the House has five years term.

The coordinating committee that works with the Speaker said they were not aware of any differences until she spoke about it in the media on Monday, January 8, 2020.

Mohammed Reshid Hadji who is deputy speaker of the House of Federation is cited as saying “She had a good meeting with the coordinating committee and approved agenda [for the upcoming meeting on Tuesday].”

Fana Broadcasting Corporation also cited a member of the House of Federation (without naming names) who said that there are procedures and ethics in tendering resignation, but the speaker did not observe it in. Read more...


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