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At least 29 people reportedly wounded in a grenade attack in Ambo town

Two days after the assassination of Burayu Police Commissioner, Ethiopia’s state media ( Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation) reported on Sunday that twenty-nine people sustained “light injuries” following a grenade attack in Ambo town which is a little over 100 kilometers west of the capital Addis Ababa.

Six of the victims are residents in Ambo town while the remaining are from the countryside nearby Ambo town.

The hospital the victims have been admitted to discharged twenty-eight of them, but the condition of the remaining person is unknown.

According to Oromo regional state police commission, the grenade was thrown during a rally organized to show support to the Prosperity Party, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, and his administration.

Citizens report on social media indicates that attackers specifically targeted horsemen who are usually in the front line during the support rallies and other ceremonies.

Ararasa Merdasa, the region’s police commissioner, said six suspects are in custody.

“The perpetrators are committing similar crimes in a different part of the Oromo region to obstruct reform measures and push citizens towards despair,” The police commissioner is cited as saying.

Political groups with radicalized Oromo nationalist political convictions have been clashing with prosperity party supporters in different parts of the Oromo region of Ethiopia.

On Friday, Unknown armed men killed Burayu Police Commissioner and police chief of “Finefine special zone.”

According to government sources, the commissioner was having his lunch and got killed suddenly. So far, police have arrested about 17 suspects.

The government claimed armed groups in the region are the assassination, but their identities are undisclosed. However, some argue that Aba Tobe and followers of the Jawar Mohammed are behind the attack. Read more...


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