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“All Black” massive peaceful demonstration called in Addis Ababa

Activists on social media are calling for a massive demonstration in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa this Wednesday to commemorate citizens who were condemned to brutal death because of their ethnic or religious identities in their own country. 

The campaign which is using the hashtag  # AllBlack is calling for residents of Addis Ababa to dress in black for the demonstration. Social media organizers have also disclosed that the demonstration will demand the Ethiopian government to hold those responsible for the death of at least 67 citizens, as confirmed by police in Oromo speaking part of Ethiopia where the killings took place, accountable.  

Out side of Ethiopia, Ethiopians living in the United States have organized a demonstration to take place in Washington DC to oppose the recent horrifying carnage in Oromo region of Ethiopia and demand that Jawar Mohammed, believed to he the cause who also managed to stop road closure in the single update, be held responsible.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed issued a statement on October 26 saying that his government will take decisive action on those responsible while predicting the problem could get worse before it gets better. 

However, reports about a meeting between the prime minister and “Abba Geda,” ethnic Oromo elders that seem to be theoretically considered as measures of “moral compass for the ethnic Oromo community,” a meeting attended by the Defense Minister Lemma Megersa and Oromo regional state president, Shimeles Abdissa, suggest that the prime minister is not consistent with the statement he issued on October 26. The topic of discussion was seem to be rather the concerns of Abba Gada regarding the “reversal of the Federal arrangement”  to which the prime minister reportedly said that his government will not make changes to the federal arrangement.

Also, the prime minister allegedly advised the elders to approach those “displeased” by his government which is unclear if it is a reference to Jawar Mohammed. 

The latest string of violence in the Oromo region of Ethiopia which seemed to have targeted ethnicity and religious identity was triggered after Jawar Mohammed wrote an update on his Facebook in the middle of the night on October 22 claiming that Ethiopian government withdrew security details who were on duty in his residence. Read more...


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