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Ethiopian-Israelis are protesting against police brutality after another shooting

The killing of Solomon Tekah, a 19 year-old Ethiopian-Israeli man, by an off-duty police officer has ignited a new wave of demonstrationsagainst police brutality in Israel and drawn comparisons with the United States’ “Ferguson” tipping point.

Ethiopian-Israelis protest police brutality and racism in 2015

The protests highlight the local Ethiopian community’s decades-long grievances against racial discrimination in Israel. Demonstrations against the Tekah shooting have turned violent with Molotov cocktails thrown, cars torched, hundreds arrested, and according to reports, nearly 110 police officers were also wounded.

The latest wave of demonstrations comes on the heels of a police shooting earlier this year, where protestors blocked major roads in Tel Aviv and got in violent clashes with police.

The outcry in Israel following police shooting of young black men has been compared with 2014’s “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations in US cities against the police shootings of unarmed black men. The parallels are a “fair comparison to what is happening in the States,” said Mazal Bisawer, the spokeswoman for the Association of Ethiopian Jews, a Ethiopian-Israeli advocacy organization based in Jerusalem. Read More...

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