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Macron in East Africa: Historic Lalibela trip, deals signed in Addis Ababa

Franco-Ethiopian relations

Ethiopia’s prime minister, Abiy Ahmed received French president Emmanuel Macron at the site of the buried churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia, a threatened World Heritage site that France wants to help preserve.

"PM Abiy Ahmed received EmmanuelMacron in his first state visit to Ethiopia. The welcome in Lalibela is the first of its kind since the city’s historic relevance as a site of diplomacy 800 years ago. The two countries have also enjoyed strong diplomatic relations since 1897.

— Office of the Prime Minister - Ethiopia (PMEthiopia) March 12, 2019"

As he promised the Ethiopian Prime Minister in October, Macron is expected to announce a Franco-Ethiopian agreement on a new system to protect these monuments threatened by erosion.

Back in Addis Ababa, a number of deals were penned by sector ministers as Abiy and Macron looked on. The two also addressed a joint press conference according to the Premier’s office.

Macron will be hosted to a state dinner in Addis Ababa, a country mourning the crash on Sunday of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing, which killed 157 people, including 9 French. Read more...

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