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Ethiopia To Take Djibouti Boat Accident Survivors

Following the death of 57 Ethiopians on boat accident in Djibouti a week ago, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, says it is working to bring home 347 from Djibouti including 16 survivors of the boat accident.

The ministry issued a statement this afternoon expressing its condolence for the death of the 57 Ethiopians. The Ministry indicated that the funeral of all the victims is carried out in a place called, Godolia in Djibouti.

The ministry stated that after the accident occurred it has sent a four members team to the area and is working to bring back home 347 Ethiopians willing to return home. The Ministry also indicated that along with the international Red Cross and other agencies, the ministry has been providing assistance to the survivors.

The team sent by the Ethiopian Embassy in Djibouti has been talking with the survivors, the International Organization for Migration and Djibouti authorities on how to bring home those waiting in Djibouti to take the risky journey to the Middle East. Read more...

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