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Over 66 al-shabab militants killed in Somalia as Ethiopia launches counter-offensive

Ethiopian Defense force coordinated with Somalian Defense Force to launch strong counter-offensive, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) reported on Sunday citing a statement sent to it by the Defense Ministry.

In consequence, the Islamic Militant group sustained heavy loss, Ethiopian Defense Force.

Nine Land Cruiser vehicles loaded with explosives have been neutralized and destroyed before they wreak havoc. As well, over 66 Al-Shabab militants are killed according to the report by EBC.

The Voice of America reported on Saturday, citing US and Somali Military, that “scores of al-Qaida-affiliated fighters had been killed during an attack on a government military base near Somalia’s southern port city of Kismayo.”

VOA also cited the regional security spokesperson, Abdinur Ibrahim, as saying “The terrorists have attacked the base with suicide blasts, and fierce fighting occurred. We defeated them and forced them to flee, killing at least 70 militants during the attack and an airstrike that followed.”

On the Other hand, U.S. officials have claimed that they have killed 52 al-Shabab militants in an airstrike that targeted Somalia’s Middle Juba region but no civilians were killed, according to VOA report.

Last week on Friday, Ethiopian military conveys serving under the command of African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) were ambushed as they were travelling from Buurhakaba to Baidoa near Somalia’s port of Kismayo. Read more...

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