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Ethiopia Pardons 530 Prisoners

The Federal Attorney General of Ethiopia announces pardoning 530 prisoners mainly women with children.

The main beneficiaries of this pardon are mother with children, according to the press statement of the Office of the Attorney General. Excluding the 530, Ethiopia has pardoned over 13,122 prisoners over the past few months following the introduction of a new pardon law in July 2018.

In a related development, in relation the incident in Burayu town of Oromia Region at the outskirts of Addis Ababa in the first weeks of September, so far 81 people are arrested and their case is now in court. The Burayu incident has led to the death of 37 people and 315 wounded while millions of birr worth property was destroyed.

“So far investigation is completed on 109 individuals involved in the incident. Out of them 81 are arrested while 28 are not arrested,” said FikaduTsegaw, one of the officials of the Attorney, who briefed the media this afternoon. Read more...

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