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14 Ethiopian migrants reportedly found dead in Tanzania

Fourteen Ethiopian Migrants are reportedly found dead in an abandoned vehicle in Morogoro region, eastern parts of Tanzania, IPP media reported citing police and immigration sources.

The region’s police commander, Wilbroad Mutafungwa, is cited as saying that the migrants were found dead at Mindu, on the outskirts of Morogoro Municipality along Tanzania-Zambia highway.

According to the source, there were a total of 26 Ethiopians on board of the vehicle that was found abandoned. Five Ethiopians are in the region’s hospital receiving medical treatment, apparently their situation does not seem to be life threatening, while seven other are not affected.

Medical officer at the hospital, Dr. Francis Semwene, says the causes for the death of 14 Ethiopian migrants is suffocation.

Police chief, Wilbroad, seem to think that the Ethiopian migrants were on their way to South Africa.

This is a second time for such a tragedy to happen in less than two years. In May 2017, eight Ethiopians were found dead in a truck.

It is unclear if the Ethiopian diplomat in the region are contacted and there is no indication if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia is aware of the situation in connection with the tragedy. Worqeneh Gebeyehu was is Sudan yesterday for a working visit. Read more...

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