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Organized groups behind violence in Ethiopia,Attorney General Office

Federal Attorney general Office said today that there are organized groups with strong support,he did not specify the kind of support, behind the violence in parts of Oromia and Benshingul regional states, Western Ethiopia.

Zenabu Tunun, public relation and communications director in the office, who spoke to VOA Amharic reporter, Eskinder Firew, in Addis Ababa did not name names in connection with the political identities of what he called “groups” behind the violence.

Findings of the task force that the Attorney General Office deployed to the region this week to establish identities of groups or individuals to be held responsible for killings will be made public, Zenabu added.

The attorney general office is convinced, based on Zenabu’s response to VOA Amharic, that the violence in the above mentioned areas is not haphazard. Rather, it is a planned one and carried out in a coordinated manner.

Asked if the office of the attorney general would agree with statement from the National Security Council, came out this week, which clearly stated that groups behind the violence are those who lost power and privilege due to ongoing change in the country, the Public Relation and Communications Director of the Attorney General Office said that he can not tell about it now as the findings will be made public when they are finalized. Read more...

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