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Eritrean President Isayas Afeworki in Ethiopia again

Eritrean President Isayas Afeworki arrived in Ethiopia today for an official visit. He will be staying in the country for two days, according sources close to Ethiopian Government.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other high ranking government officials showed up at Bole International Airport to welcome Isayas. Later, the two leaders inaugurated Omo Kuraz Sugar factory in Southern Ethiopia which was constructed at a cost of over 8 billion Ethiopian Birr.

The leaders from the two countries are expected to hold talks on bilateral relation and regions issues including cooperation and economic integration which has been deepening since the singing of the peace deal,a few months ago, which ended two decades of state of war.

The border between the two countries is reopened for land transportation for several weeks now and people to people relation is renewed ; it is as if there was no war at all. Ethiopia Airlines resumed flight to Asmara in July. Infrastructure development is well underway to facilitate economic integration between the two countries. Read more...

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