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TPLF terminated twelve central committee members

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) terminated twelve central committee members. Some of those who are eliminated from central committee membership are former heavy weight politicians within the ethnic Tigray party whose base is in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia.

Number one in the list is Abay Woldu who served as chairman of the party and president of Tigray regional state. Kidusan Nega, who is Sebhat Nega’s, who was the most powerful man within TPLF and mentor of the late Meles Zenawi, sister is also terminated.

Some analysts seem to see the changes made within TPLF as a culmination of many months, if not years, of division.

The party passed the decision during the fifth day of its 13th Congress. The number of central committee members is increased to 55 which used to be only 45.

According to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporate, 65 members were nominated for the central committee membership position.

Tomorrow, the party will elect its chairman and deputy chairman as well as executive members for the party.

TPLF ruled Ethiopia ruthlessly for more than 27 years operating from within the ruling coalition, EPRDF, that it manufactured on its way to power.

Now at two of the four parties that constitute EPRDF cast aside name they were given either immediately before or after the overthrow of Colonel Mengistu’s government in 1991. Read more...

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