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U.S. to step up development partnership with Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA- As the long- time economic partner of Ethiopia, America would like to further strengthen its bilateral partnership in health, education, agriculture, power and other development endeavors, US Embassy in Ethiopia Spokesperson Nicholas Barnett told The Ethiopian Herald. “The Embassy is determined in promoting responsible business practices to encourage American companies to be part of the process both as investors and being exemplary for foreign investment for shared benefits, recently American Companies visited to learn possible opportunities for investment.” Following the visit a number of deals had been knotted and MoU's had been signed with Ministry of finance,he noted. As to him,the U.S.-Ethiopia MoU provides a road-map whereby the government of Ethiopia could identify priority projects in key sectors that help Ethiopia achieve its priorities for growth. And the United States will share that information with U.S. companies that could compete to supply solutions, materials, and expertise to fulfill those projects, as well as identify potential U.S. Government resources,he added. He further indicated that the MoU also will establish a forum for the two governments to address and look for ways of solving business climate issues to encourage greater participation by U.S. companies seeking to invest or do business in Ethiopia. “Above all we have been working on looking enabling environment for private sector to take part on the ongoing development efforts.” Read More...

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