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Competing parties in winning public's heart

In the Ethiopian political history, competting parties had only few years involvement. Opposing the ruling government body was unthinkable. Specially, in the Derg regime, such bold steps were subject to heavy punitive measures.

Years back, the the movement of some political parties had become conspicuous in the nation. Picking up steam, the new trend was challenging the leading party. During the 1997 election, there were contending parties which managed to elbow their ways into the hearts' of the public via candidates that efficiently use platforms to allow their points get credence. Now, a wind of political change is sweeping through the country. The ruling party has started becoming amicable with them including those chased out of the country dubbed terrorists. With this backdrop in mind, the Ethiopian Herald had approached some scholars on what is expected from them to ride popular support as well as on ways forward? As to Dr. Tarekegn Adebo,a political scholar of Addis Ababa University, capitalizing on the country's unity is one of the bargaining chips for competing parties to pry open citizens' heart. “We are witnessing how Ethiopians have a sensitive cord in the heart of their hearts to unity and how they like one who strikes that cord. So it is better for such parties to uphold the sentiment of national unity,”he said There were no congenial situations for peaceful,bold and positive discussions among parties but an all-amazing change is taking shape. At this political watershed, a brotherhood among political parties is manifested, as to him. The competing political parties should ponder on how to bolster the nation's developmental push warding off rent-seeking mind bent. Citizen as well as have to nurture the habit of peaceful participation in politics , he said. The political parties need to have their own vision and stamina to get public's acceptance, as to Dr Tarekegn. Years back, joining a competing party or opposing the government's policies was a kiss of death as it results in a terrorist labeling. But now things are changing. Unity,peace and development have turned the catch phrases. So opposition parties should use it to grab peoples' attention. He added that contending parties are expected to be part of the solution for instabilities that prop up here and there, because no one should breathe his/her last because of politics, he said. Coming up with something transforming is the best way to get public acceptance for the opposition parties, according to him. Currently, people need a swift turn round in the country so such parties have to understand the unfolding. Ahead of time, understanding the reality on the ground,they need to prognosis developments. Going a step ahead from the public, they have to parry any instability. Read more...

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