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Jawar commends government’s move in widening political landscape

ADDIS ABABA- The renowned political activist and Director of the Oromia Media Network (OMN), Jawar Mohammad has praised the ongoing reforms that have been widening the political space for people with different ideological perspectives. His remark came yesterday after the discussion OMN’s officials held with President Dr. Mulatu Teshome on the ongoing political reforms and ways they will take part in supporting government’s efforts for the peace and democratization of the country. The activist applauded the current broad-based reforms and expressed the government’s engagement to widen the political landscape as exemplary. “The current administration and contestant political parties should work together to reform the election law and reinforce the Election Board.” Concerning OMN, the Director stated that the media will be transformed to exercise professional and ethical journalism and provide the public timely and accurate information in Ethiopia’s major agendas. The activist recommended the youth to support the ongoing political reforms and taking part in the peace building and development endeavors. The young generation should also refrain from destructive activities. Jawar reaffirmed his commitment to work to ensure peace and stability in the country and deter the destructive activities of some interest groups that have been causing loss of lives and property damage. President Mulatu said on his part that the government committed to render support to the Diaspora community in their efforts to mobilize the young generation for nation building. Read more...

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