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What should be done to ease ethnic conflicts?

The government should identify the factors which trigger ethnic conflicts and set up their possible remedies, scholars say.

What are the causes which have been posing serious threat for the home of more than 80 nations, nationalities and people’s country? What should the government do to resolve ethnic conflicts? How effective is the federal system to accommodate differences? Conflicts associated with unemployment, land grabbing, contraband trade, lack of good governance and improper implementation of the federal system have been triggering ethnic conflicts in Ethiopia and the government should work on these issues to troubleshoot conflicts sustainably, Peace and Security Studies Lecturer at Addis Ababa University, Daniel Adane argues. He insists that the aforementioned causes should not pose threat on peace and stability. For the furtherance of the great nation and the government should be aware of these issues. ‘‘The ruling party (EPRDF) has told us many times that it has identified its limitations. We heard it vowing to stop ethnic tensions thoroughly. However, intimidation, killings and attacks are being committed among states and ethnic groups right now,’’ he says, adding: ‘‘the government should take swift measures before things spiral out of control. It should endeavor to root them out in good time.’’ Daniel calls upon the government to bring the perpetrators of ethnic conflict to justice so as to convey punitive measures awaits for others with a similar bent. Beyond penalizing wrongdoers, the government should work on consolidating people-to- people relations. ‘‘Though the problem primarily arises not from the people, they should come together to discuss about their peace and stability. They should stand vigilant against anti-peace elements, who want to satisfy their hidden agenda at the expense of the people.They should develop their understanding regarding the federal system,’’ the lecture Read more....

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