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PM Abiy’s leadership pulling Ethiopia, East Africa out of political stress

ADDIS ABABA—Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s leadership has brought meaningful success both at home and regionally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. It was also indicated that the Premier’s leadership is changing the geopolitical setting of the Eastern Africa region during his last 100 days since assuming office. Ministry Spokesperson Meles Alem told a press conference yesterday that among the major regional success stories during this period was the recently signed ‘Asmara Declaration’ that ended the state of war between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The Asmara agreement has two unique features; it was reached without involvement of third party and the peoples of the two countries came out victorious. And the role of Dr. Abiy Ahmed in this regard was also impressive, according to Meles. “It is a milestone agreement that is expected to change the political set up of the Horn of Africa and beyond. And it eased the political tension in the region.” Read more...

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