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How effective were Premier’s 90 days in office?

Since taking office about three months ago, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed was busy inspiring national consensus and rebuilding government trust among the society.

The premier’s achievements during the stated period are worth the high level of popular support he has won, according to Scholars and Politicians. Dr. Tarekegn Adebo, Associate Professor and Senior Advisor for Peace and Conflict Resolution at Addis Ababa University and abroad, says the Premier’s effort to revitalize the country’s peace and stability is welcomed by the majority of the people. Commencing his Premiership position, Dr. Abiy’s concern was to line up public speeches and discussions with various segments of the society across the country to create national consensus. Dr. Tarekegn recalled that Dr. Abiy has freed political prisoners and those held on corruption and terrorism charges, and preach about Ethiopian nationalism. He has met investors, youths, political parties, artists, prisoners, and visited patients among others. Dr. Abiy has also made strategic travel to neighboring countries starting from Djibouti, and then to Sudan, Kenya, Egypt and Somalia. In doing so, Dr. Abiy is fulfilling his word promised to people while he assumed power at the Parliament. In this regard, a Political Scholar at Addis Ababa University Wosenseged Asefa argued that holding discussions with segments of the society one by one will open door for the coming of monarchical government. Dr. Abiy rather needs to build effective democratic institutions, independent judicial system as well as self-governing electoral board, he added. Read More...

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