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Experts call for action to rescue Empress Taitu’s residence

ADDIS ABABA- Experts and local people have called for quick action by relevant authorities to rescue the ancient Entoto residence of Empress Taitu from the imminent damage.

The residential house belongs to Empress Taitu Bitul, the wife of Emperor Menelik II. Deacon Yohanes Woldegiorgis, Entoto Raguel Church Museum tour guide told The Ethiopian Herald that Entoto Etegue Taitu’s home which is also called honeymoon house comprises five sections namely the security home, dining room, horse’s house, meat and kitchen house and other facilities. He explained that ever since the reign Emperor Hailesselassie I the houses are confiscated by government as state owned rental houses and are currently occupied by individual settlers. As a result, Yohannes said that the houses are facing damage due to again and lack of maintenance. The tour guide stated that before it changed its original style and before it totally collapse, it needs maintenance and care as historic heritage of the country. Priest Woldegiorgis Gebre, a local elder says that generally Entoto area is a historic place of the country. He added that the homes were given by Emperor Menelik-II to his wife Etege Taitu and was used for different purposes like dining room, home of horses and so on. Although the place is historic place it did not get attention, he said. Responsible body should rehabilitate the residences before the heritage collapses completely, he added. Gulele Sub-City Woreda Six Culture and Tourism Office Head Tsedeke Ersido assured that Taitu’s home is registered as heritage within the Sub-city Culture and Tourism Office but due to miscommunication the homes were given to poor individuals of the woreda by cabinet decision in 2016. The Woreda office was not aware about the heritage of the homes during that time but later the Sub-City’s office reported that it was registered as heritage, he told The Ethiopian Herald. He stated while the office knows about the heritage, the woreda administration is trying to give homes for the settlers to make free the heritage. Tsedeke stated that efforts are underway to maintain the homes without any material and shape change and announced for the sub-city office. Gulele Sub-City Culture and Tourism Office heritage inventory and follow up expert Tigist Kelemewerk on her side said that the office has announced to the woreda and efforts are underway to free the houses and to protect the heritage. Read more...

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