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Eritrean delegation arrives in Addis Ababa

ADDIS ABABA (ENA) The high-level Eritrean delegation composed of three persons arrived this afternoon in Addis Ababa accepting Ethiopia’s call to normalize relationship. Upon their arrival, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has welcomed members of the delegation at Bole International Airport, Yemane Gebreab, Special Advisor to the Eritrean President; Foreign Minister Osman Salih; and Araya Desta Ambassador to the African Union are members of the delegation. The delegation has come to Ethiopia, as President Esayas Afeworki accepted the call from Ethiopia to end the stand-off that linger for more than a decade and half. In his inaugural speech at the House of Peoples Representatives, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had earlier made clear his intention of normalizing the situation with Eritrea. He said “With the government of Eritrea, we want from the bottom of our hearts that the disagreement that has reigned for years to come to an end. We would also discharge our responsibility.” He also called on the Eritrean government to seize the opportunity. Read More...

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