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Ethiopia’s foreign policy orientation in light of Horn’s dynamism

Located among Europe, Middle East and Asia, Horn Africa’s strategic importance attracts many interests. Various countries have come to the region to establish military base, rent ports and protect their national interests. On the other hand, while Horn Africa is one of the most turbulent regions in the world and is characterized by extensive dynamism, it has almost been 15 years since Ethiopia has last formulated its Foreign Affairs and National Security Policy and Strategy. What implications do these new developments, the regional dynamism and the growing involvement of foreign powers in the region have on Ethiopia as a rapidly growing landlocked economy with more than 100 million people and major regional player, and its foreign policy? Leulseged Girma, geopolitics researcher, says countries revise their foreign policies from time to time as per the change in international relation and global trends. And it seems it is time to revise Ethiopia’s foreign policy orientation, he suggests. There are new developments that are not compatible with the current foreign policy. The Eritrean issue is the case in point. In addition, the economic, political and security changes also call for the revision of the foreign policy,” he opines. Previously, America was considered as a major partner for Ethiopia in terms of development assistance. Now, China has become the major development partner of Ethiopia. These and similar issues have to be taken in to consideration. Read More...

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