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Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt agree to send concerns to consulting firm

• To establish team of scientist • To expedite infrastructural ties

ADDIS ABABA- Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt struck a deal to submit comments, clarifications and other issues of concerns which the technical committee of each countries compiled to the French consulting firm, BRL.

In his briefing yesterday, Water, Irrigation and Electricity Minister Dr. Eng. Sileshi Bekele, indicated that the consulting firm’s feedback would be presented in the trio meeting slated for June 18-19 in Cairo, Egypt. He also expressed the agreement a milestone for it was the main point of difference during the previous discussions. “The main obstacle of the previous discussions was disagreement among these countries on the submission of comments, clarifications and inquires on the methodologies employed by the advisory firm.” Also, the trio agreed to establish a team of scientists comprised of five members from each country who would provide scenarios or options of water filling and release without a significant impact on downstream countries, he noted. He also furthered, Read More...

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